My daughter's hair journey
Believe it or Not

Believe it or not, this is my first born's hair and she's not even 3 yet.

I use isanaturalcream on her hair also. I must say that I've never cut her hair from when she was born. She lost her baby hair in her first year but when she was about 1 year old, her  permanent hair started coming through. She never had any bold patches so I started doing protective styles on her and I kept her hair always moisturised.

I don't use any other products than isanaturalcream and the glycerin water;). I wash her hair every two weeks and I always make sure she's got a protective hairstyle. I always redo the style after 5 days because eventhough she sleeps with a bonnet too, the style will look old and dry and I don't like her running around with an old and dry style.

She's such a good kid bless her. She never gives me a headache when I'm about to rebraid or twist her hair. She's also always polite and thanks me for making her hair pretty. :)

The nightmare comes when it's wash day. I don't understand but she just doesn't like it when you pour water on her head. She just screams my ears out every time! First I thought it was the water in her face and got her a cap to protect her face but no. Wash day never goes without tears.

What shampoo do I use? Crème de nature with argan oil. It leaves the hair ever so soft!!  Tired of having a million hair products? Well… you read my mind!

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